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Lavender Lemon Seamless Digital Patterns

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• 8 digital paper/background image files

• the papers are SEAMLESS & TILEABLE

• you will receive the patterns in .JPEG files & in .PAT files (pattern files for adobe, coreldraw, gimp etc.)

• high resolution (300 dpi)

• 3600x3600 pixels in size, that equals 12x12 inches

• commercial license included

NOTE: if you have purchased my full shop bundle you will find this item in the folder DIGITAL PAPERS & POSTCARDS --> Papers - 2024 under number PAPER2024010 - Lavender Lemon Patterns.


To make sure that you don’t get any visible lines between the pattern tiles when tiling your patterns on a large background, please make sure to make use of the pattern function in your image editing software. Just tiling the .JPEG images manually on a blank canvas will not work and will leave you with lines between the tiles!

One of the file types that you will receive is a so called .PAT file. That is a pattern file that is recognized by Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Gimp and Notepad. Just install this file into one of these software programs and you are ready to fill any canvas with a flawless pattern.

There are also .JPEG files included in your purchase. If your image editing software (other than the ones mentioned in the paragraph above) has the option to create your own pattern files (please check before purchasing), than just upload the .JPEG files into your software and turn them into a pattern file. Each software program will have its own steps to take to create that pattern file. So if you are not familiar with how to do this, please do a search on Google with ‘how to create a pattern file in ….. (your software program). Google is your best friend here, it can lead you to great instructions and instruction videos that will teach you how to do this.


This design comes with a commercial license.

What is allowed:

• sell physical prints of this design, either as a single sheet craft paper or as part of a set of craft/scrapbook paper for card making, crafts and journaling

• sell physical end products with this design printed on it, think of fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, stationery, interior design items, pillows, bedding, bags, clothing etc.

• these end products may be sold under your own brand/business name

• sell digital planners, card designs and notebooks where these designs are a part of the design and are mixed up with other illustrations and design elements

What is NOT allowed:

• sell the original digital file

• sell this design as a digital file or as part of a digital file or digital file set

• claim copyright on the design


The Dutch Lady Designs is a small graphic design company based in The Netherlands, it is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

You will get a ZIP (301MB) file

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